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Common Cookhouse Hand-Painted Counterfront

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

A mural in Oak Creek, WI at Common Cookhouse

Everytime I see this mural I have such fond memories of painting it and being in this special business. Common Cookhouse provides many opportunities and tools/services to local businesses in the food industry, including: a clean kitchen to prepare food, ample shelf space and refrigeration, and of course a community of other local makers.

They offer an affordable space for folks with Food Trucks (a kitchen for preparation and parking for the off seasons), emerging business owners that don't have a brick-and-mortar location yet, and much more. By offering the opportunity to rent commercial kitchen space, many more businesses in the Greater Milwaukee location will be given the ability to incrementally grow their business.

Even while painting this mural, I was able to meet many incredibly hard-working business owners that are so excited to share their skills with the Milwaukee area.

To learn more about Common Cookhouse, visit their website!

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