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Mid-Way Bakery Branding & Poster Design

Creating a SWEET series for an inspirational baker in Milwaukee, WI at the 3rd Avenue Market Hall

Some of the best sweet treats in the Midwest can be found at Mid-Way Bakery at 3rd Avenue Market Hall - the newly renovated Hall in what was previous Grand Avenue Mall. Owned and operated by Milwaukee's most talented baker, Katie Fogle, this impressively vibrant stall serves up upscale nostalgic goodies, soups, salads, and more.

When originally brainstorming the branding for Mid-Way Bakery, it was clear that this business had to look as bright and exciting as the brilliant mind operating it. Katie requested large posters featuring the staples of the stall, along with some repeatable patterns and a logo to bring everything together.

As a big fan of the '80s and '90s aesthetic and an avid snacker, this project felt like a perfect fit. Bright colors are my first language!! The large posters are illustrated digitally, then each piece is die cut hand-painted paper. The posters were then assembled by hand, scanned in, digitally touched up, and finally printed/installed.

Because we were going for '80s/'90s vibes, the textures of the paints and tactile nature of the layered paper felt appropriate. Just like our favorite cartoons and puppet-featured shows, I wanted the posters to feel so colorful and handmade that you just want to hop in the world and start feasting!

Katie and the Mid-Way Bakery team were such a pleasure to work with and I'm so very grateful for the experience. To see more of the branding check out Mid-Way Bakery at the 3rd Avenue Market Hall in Milwaukee. Treat yourself to some yummy snacks while you're at it!

Read more about Mid-Way Bakery and the 3rd Avenue Market Hall here:

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