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Pabst Brewery

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

A Painting for Captain Pabst Pilot House

As an avid PBR drinkin' Milwaukee gal, getting to try their new IPA was already a treat, but getting to make a painting to hang in their building??? A DREAM. A handful of Milwaukee artists were asked to create an original painting for the timeline of Captain Pabst's life. I was lucky enough to receive a pivotal year in the history of Pabst Brewing, 1864, the year Captain Pabst asked himself - 'do invest in a failing brewery or continue life at sea and repair the ol' Seabird?'. Lucky for us, he chose the first.

Unfortunately the Captain Pabst Pilot House has since closed down during COVID, but Captain Pabst's story still lives on every time we crack a PBR. I'm forever grateful for the opportunity to work with Pabst among an amazing group of artists to complete this painted timeline of good ol' CP.

See the other paintings in the series at @pabstbrewery on Instagram

Other (awesome) artists: Zac Jacobson, Emma Daisy, Bigshot Robot, Dwellephant, and Melody Rose

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