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Cudahy Health Department Mural

An interactive mural for patients at the Cudahy Health Department.

I attended Cudahy schools K-12, so it was exciting to be able to create something special for the Cudahy Health Department. They were looking for an inviting, colorful mural in the waiting room. As I thought back about being a kid at the doctor's office, I remembered the importance of being distracted and having fun, as to not get nervous about the upcoming visit. I thought it would be fun to create a mural that comes with games.

There are 5 games total, each are Cudahy/Health themed and ask questions that involve or relate to the mural. These games are printed, laminated, and I supplied some dry erase markers. When your draw on the games, they can easily be erased and reused for years to come.

Thank you so much to the Cudahy Health Department for all of their warmth and support as I painted this mural for their office. I feel like a made a bunch of new friends in that office - all wonderful and hardworking people making Cudahy healthier!

This mural was painted in addition to another by artist (and MIAD alum!), John Kowalczyk. You can find Kowalczyk's mural inside the office, past the waiting room doors. Both murals were featured in an article linked below.


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