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Hacienda Beer Co.

Back in 2018 I visited Hacienda Beer Co. in Door County with my mom and sister and had an amazing experience. We ordered flights of tasty beers, there was homemade pizza being made on the back patio, people were playing yard games and having a great time, and a live bluegrass band was setting an unforgettable mood. Little did I know, almost exactly a year later I'd be asked to create a beer label for a special series they were brewing up.

Picture taken from Hacienda Beer Co. website
Divine Herb : Thai Iced Tea

Hacienda Beer Co. strives to create a variety of experimental beers, being inspired by both local and international ingredients.

Divine Herb is a series of "Tea-Shake" IPAs. Each beer is infused with tea, spices, hops, and lactose sugar.

3 Divine Herb IPAs have been released so far, including Thai Iced Tea, Peach Black Tea, & Oolong Tea.

Picture taken from Hacienda Beer Co. website
Divine Herb: Peach Black Tea

Each Divine Herb in the series is run as a one time batch, so as soon as you see it released, it's wise to grab a pack right away!

I've been lucky enough to try each of them so far. Not only is it fricken ran to have my artwork on a beer can, I have my artwork on a truly delicious beer. I'm forever grateful for this opportunity.

Picture taken from Hacienda Beer Co. website
Divine Herb : Oolong Tea

Visit for more information on their beers, Door County and Milwaukee Tap Rooms, and more.

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