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Milwaukee Art Museum Annual Ornament

"A Windy Day in Milwaukee" Illustration for the Milwaukee Art Museum's 2022 Annual Ornament

While in college, I used to work in the Milwaukee Art Museum Gift Shop. I would always look forward to the unveiling of the annual ornament each fall. Though it's been quite a few years since I've worked there, it was a special day when I received the email inviting me to design the 2022 Annual Ornament. Inspired by my favorite view of Milwaukee, I wanted to create a design that was bright and fun, showed the beautiful skyline of our city, and of COURSE featured Lake Michigan.

The ornament was such a success that it is no longer available in the store, as it sold out. It was so heartwarming to see old coworkers, spend time with the good folks of Milwaukee and sign ornaments, and feel so supported by a great community.

The ornament was featured in a few articles. A HUGE thank you to the Milwaukee Art Museum for having me and the MKE community for all of their support.



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