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Monsieur & Mrs. Wine Import

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

This couple is bringing delicious Portuguese wine to Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Amanda Morden and Daniel Toth would bring home their favorite wines from their trips to Europe, when they realized that it was incredibly difficult to find Portuguese wines in Milwaukee. Feeling inspired to bring their favorite tastes to their home, they started their very own Wine Import business in April of 2020. The two invested everything they have into the endeavor and have been certainly turning some heads since their start! They currently have a handful of wines and quite a few stockists to sell them - including both wine stores and restaurants.

The couple hired a few MKE local artists to create their labels; an oil painter and me! I got to illustrate the label for one of their reds. This easy-drinking wine is named "Encostas Do Peso", but it's better known as "pizza's best friend". Morden and Toth loved the unpretentious nature of this wine. It's smooth, delicious, and a very reasonable price.

You can find an article about them in the Shepherd Express ( Article Here! ) and a feature about them on CBS 58 ( Feature Here! )

Want to buy a bottle? Find their stockists HERE . Cheers!

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