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Central Waters Brewing Co.

The new Central Waters location brewing up small batches of experimental goodness

Here's a riddle: What's better than a butterscotch crunch, toasted coconut, brown sugar blondie? Answer: ALL OF THAT STUFF IN BEER. YEP. Central Waters recently opened up a taproom and brewing space in Milwaukee and they are creating all sorts of delicious experimental beers in small batches. This Imperial Oatmeal Stout, called "Feeling Lovely", is a collaboration between Central Waters and Mid-Way Bakery.

You may recognize the name Mid-Way Bakery from when you've ordered a dessert from Dairyland (ya know, the place with the amazing burgers and chicken sandwiches). Well that's because Mid-Way makes all of Dairyland's desserts. Best of all, while you're at Central Waters MKE you can order a nice tall beer, a scrumptious Dairyland burger, AND a Mid-Way dessert.

I'm still so excited when I think about how I got to create the label for Central Waters + Mid-Way's unique collaborative stout. This dark beer is so smooth and tasty - it truly achieves the perfect balance between a dessert inspired beverage without being too sweet. Central Waters MKE has been absolutely booming since opening up and has recently been featured on Fox 6 News! Check out the feature HERE !

To get a full look into Central Water MKE's full beer list, check out their website HERE . I hope you can head there soon for a beer, burger, and dessert. Cheers!

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