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Radio Milwaukee Fall Membership Drive

In the Fall of 2023, Radio Milwaukee reached out and an amazing collaboration began. There are few times in my career that I can say an absolute dream team was assembled, but this was one of them!

I got to check out their massive collection of records & CDs, beautifully decorated walls with colorful murals, their radio studios and rooftop event space - this place had it all. As we sat down for a brainstorming session, a member of the team very quickly had the idea of turning the station into a hip treehouse. It was a perfect fit! Getting to imagine wild slides, intimate rooms, and all of the forgotten treasures stuck in the branches was such a fun prompt.

Following an awesome tour and productive meeting, I got to check out a live show! Feeling moved by the music and the moment, the sketch began as I listened to the band play.

At the end of editing the team and I came up with this design - I'm so proud of it. Potential members could call in and commit to a certain level, earning them some sweet merch showcasing the illustration we made together. My boyfriend and I sport the shirt around time and it earns compliments almost every time we wear it!

Radio Milwaukee isn't just 88.9 - there are all sorts of different stations that stem from Radio Milwaukee. Hyfin which is "Milwaukee’s only Urban Alternative radio station features the full spectrum of Black music", Amplifier - "... a free, artist development program equipping creatives with knowledge about the music & entertainment fields", Grace Weber's Music Lab, which features all Milwaukee music, countless podcasts, and more!

Like what you hear? To learn more about Membership visit

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