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Moran's Pub

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

A pub that truly cares

To say Moran's Pub is my favorite pub is a massive understatement. I have a deep love for this pub and it's incredibly inspiring owner, James Moran. He is one of the most inventive and passionate individuals I've ever met in my life, and that passion is certainly reflected in his pub.

Between trivia nights, beer tastings, sports leagues, gallery nights, World Cup parties, band performances, beer pong tournaments, and MORE, odds are, you're always coming at a good time. James along with the rest of the pub staff make you feel right at home. Every dollar spent there is money well spent.

I've been lucky enough to make tons of posters for (and attend) many of the events at the pub. I always challenge myself to make posters that are just as thoughtful and creative as I know the events will be.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

While Covid discouraged many small business owners, James poured his passions into completely renovating the pub. Many of the old beautiful fixtures were restored to their former glory, from the Cream City brick and intricate tin ceilings. It's truly a beautiful pub in more ways than one. You can visit the pub by reservation (due to COVID), or James is serving up growlers, 6 packs, and cocktails to go (I recommend the old fashioned, he's perfected it and I'm a picky drinker).

For more information visit about Moran's visit

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Location: 912 Milwaukee Ave., South Milwaukee, WI 53172

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